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Seller: Top-Rated Seller ttg-publishing (11,014) 99.8%, Location: BLACKWOOD, Ships to: Worldwide, Item: 382629219831 Calligraphy & Lettering 165 Vintage Books on 1 x DVD Rare Vintage books scanned to PDF format on computer disk (DVD) N.B there is no box included in the purchase you will receive a CD/DVD in a protective sleeve shipped in a cardboard mailer. Calligraphy Calligraphy is a visual art related to writing. It is the design and execution of lettering with a broad tip instrument, dip pen, or brush , among other writing instruments. A contemporary calligraphic practice can be defined as, "the art of giving form to signs in an expressive, harmonious, and skillful manner". Modern calligraphy ranges from functional inscriptions and designs to fine-art pieces where the letters may or may not be legible. Classical calligraphy differs from typography and non-classical hand-lettering, though a calligrapher may practice both On The Disk This unique disk is an opportunity to own these rare and collectible vintage books before they disappear forever. Some of the books are already unavailable and but for being scanned into digital format would never be seen again. Each page has been scanned in as a faithful reproduction of the original. This is a chance to be able to see books that would otherwise be lost to future generations. The disk contains a complete library of books relating to Calligraphy/Lettering/Penmanship. It is the most complete library available on disk. Simply look at the detailed list of books and you will get an idea of the depth and breadth of material covered. Be Aware - that other sellers may pad out their collection of books with foreign language titles or books that are not relevant to the topic. Compare items and you will see the quality and effort that goes into our disks. Other sellers also put security lock on the books which reuires a password (which they won't give you) so it is restricte as to waht yu can do with the books - all our books are completely unrestricted. In addition all our books are fully named exactly as you see in the lsit belwo making them easy to find and easily searchable - other sellers may simply supply you a disk with books named randomly making it virtually impossible to find the book you want. IMPORTANT: These books come supplied on a DVD - note that this is not a DVD that will play on a home DVD player, it contains no video whatsoever. It is a Data DVD and must be used on a Computer to view the PDF book files ~ List of Books ~ 165 On The Disk 19th Century Swedish Copybook A chapter on lettering - The Draughtsman 1905 A companion to Manual of illumination containing borders, capitals, texts, and detail finishings, & c - Laing, J 1884 A course in mechanical drawing - Reid, John S 1898 A few suggestions of plain letterings for artists and others - Jacobi, Charles 1908 A handbook of the art of illumination as practised during the middle ages. - Shaw, H 1866 A manual of illumination on paper and vellum - Bradley, John 1860 A new book of cyphers, more compleat & regular than any ever publish'd - S Sympson 1750 A practical treatise on the art of illuminating with examples M Ward 1873 A primer of the art of illumination for the use of beginners - F Delamotte 1874 A Roman alphabet and how to use it - F Frederick 1917 A scale for measuring the quality of handwriting of adults - Ayres, Leonard 1915 A System of Easy Lettering - John Howard Cromwell 1897 A system of easy lettering. With a supplement consisting of eight alphabets - J H Cromwell1903 A text-book of free-hand lettering - Daniels, Frank 1909 A textbook on lettering and sign painting 1902 A Text-book on Plain Lettering - Henry Jacoby 1895 A textbook on show-card writing show-card writing, show-card design and ornament, letter formation c1903 Ahn's German handwriting - Ahn, F 1869 Alphabets old and new, for the use of craftsmen - Day, Lewis 1910 Ames' Alphabets Adapted to the Use of Architects, Engravers, Engineers, Artists, Sign Painters ... - Daniel T. Ames 1884 Ames Guide To Self Instruction - Daniel T Ames1884 Art of Penmanship - Eleazer Huntington 1821 Barne's National Vertical Penmanship. Nos. A-B, 1-6 1898 Becker's ornamental penmanship. A series of analytical and finished alphabets - Becker, G 1854 Bible Pearls of Promise, Real Pen-Work Publishing Bloser Lessons In Ornamental Penmanship 1920 Bloser Lessons In Ornamental Penmanship 1948 Champion Method Of Practical Business Writing Clinton Clark Scrapbook Collection Of Penmanship - Canan, CC 1921 Compendium Of Real Pen Work - Ivison 1880 Compendium of Spencerian or Semi-Angular Penmanship Complete Manual of Commercial Penmanship Graded Course for Use in Public Schools - Clarence E. Spayd 1893 Daily's showcard writing system, complete in thirty-four lessons; formerly 'the Haberdasher' - Hurst, A 1921 Davids' practical letterer; instructions in commercial lettering with brush or pen - Hackes, S 1903 Directions for writing - D., G 1656 Draughtsman's Alphabets A Series of Plain and Ornamental Alphabets - Hermann Esser 1877 Elements of lettering - Goudy, Frederic 1922 Elements of lettering and sign painting 1899 Elements of Plane and Solid Free-hand Geometrical Drawing, with Lettering; ... - Samuel Edward Warren 1878 Fairchild's rapid letterer and show-card maker, commercial alphabet construction with brush or pen - Hackes, S 1910 Fine hand embroidery; - Janon co 1914 Francis B Courtney Scrapbook Free-hand Lettering - Victor Tyson Wilson 1912 Gaskell's Compendium of Forms Educational, Social, Legal ...a complete self-teaching course in penmanship 1881 Gaskell's Complete Compendium of Elegant Writing 1879 Gems Of Flourishing - c Zaner 1888 Gems of Penmanship - J.D. Williams 1867 Gems of Penmanship - John S. Duncun Guide to the art of illuminating and missal painting - Audsley, W 1867 Hand lettering - Chappell, McClellan 1912 Handwriting - Lowe, Elias 1900 Handwriting - Thorndike, Edward 1912 Healy Collection (Caligraphy) How To Become A Good Penman How to make effective show-cards, off hand card writing and pen lettering by a new and simple method - A Reupke 1898 IAMPETH scrapbook 1 IAMPETH Scrapbook 2 Illuminated Manuscripts In Classical And Mediaeval Times Their Art And Their Technique - Middleton, J 1892 Kelchner Complete Compendium Of Plain Practical Penmanship 1901 L'ecriture Americaine par D'Avignon (French) Les calligraphes et les miniaturistes de l'Orient musulman 1908 (FRENCH) Lessons in Advanced Engraver's Script - Louis Madarasz Lessons in Practical Penmanship - H.P. Behrensmeyer Lettering - Thomas Wood Stevens 1916 Lettering for Beginners - John T. Parson 1902 Lettering for commercial purposes - Gordon, W 1918 Lettering for draftsmen, engineers and students; - Reinhardt, C 1897 Lettering in ornament; an enquiry into the decorative use of lettering, past, present - Day, l 1902 Lettering of working drawings - Fish, J 1894 Letters and Lettering A Treatise With 200 Examples - Brown, 1906 Linear drawing and lettering for beginners - Fish, J 1901 Luthy's Scientific Handwriting Being an Analysis of Roman Script Form and Execution - Charles T. Luthy 1918 Manual of Free-hand Penmanship - Alvin R. Dunton 1877 Manual of the lettering scale - Rust, L 1915 Manuscript & inscription letters for schools & classes & for the use of craftsmen - Johnston, E 1909 Marks and monograms of early English & continental engravers - Bryan, M 1816 Metodo Palmer De Caligrafia Comercial Modern Business Penmanship, Edward C. Mills 1903 Modern lettering, artistic and practical. - Heyny, William 1913 Modern show card lettering, designs, etc. - Thompson, W 1906 Modern show card lettering, designs, etc. - Thompson, William 1903 Modern show card writing - Jowitt, J 1922 Monograms & ciphers - Turbayne, A 1906 Muster Alphabete New Spencerian Compendium of Penmanship New Standard Practical Penmanship, Spencer Brothers 1885 New Zanerian Alphabets, C.P. Zane 1895 Ninety-five Lessons in Ornamental Penmanship, C.W. Jones 1914 Notes on technical sketching and free hand lettering for engineering students - A L Smith 1907 Noyes Penmanship - E Noyes 1839 Oberlin Business College - Compendium of Penmanship, C.A. Barnett 1901 On the writing of the insane with illustrations - G. Mackenzie Bacon 1870 One hundred alphabets for the show card writer 1919 One hundred loose leaf lessons in lettering with pen and brush - W Gordon 1920 Oriental Penmanship Specimens of Persian Handwriting, Illustrated with ... - Edward Henry Palmer 1886 Palmer's Penmanship Budget, A.N. Palmer 1919 Pantographia; containing accurate copies of all the known alphabets in the world - E Fry 1799 Penman's Art Journal (Volume 28) 1903 Penman's Art Journal (Volume 29) 1904 Penman's Art Journal (Volume 30 Issues 1-2) 1905 Penman's Art Journal (Volume 30 Issues 9-10) 1906 Penman's Art Journal (Volume 31 Issue 5) 1907 Penman's Art Journal (Volume 31) 1907 Penman's Art Journal (Volume 32) 1907 Penman's Art Journal (Volume 33 Issues 1-4) 1908 Penman's Art Journal (Volume 33 Issues 5-12) 1909 Penman's Art Journal (Volume 34) 1909 Penman's Leisure Hour, McDonald Business Academy, penwork by F.F. Wildish 1894 Penmanship Made Easy, George Comer & Oliver Linton 1864 Penmanship of the XVI, XVII & XVIIIth centuries - L Day 1911 Penmanship, a guide to good handwriting - C H. Mitchell 1882 Portfolio of ancient capital letters, monograms, quaint design... eighteen plates 1859 Portfolio of Ornate Penmanship, The A.N. Palmer Compan Practical Penmanship Being A Development of the Carstairian System - B F Foster 1830 Practical phrases of show card writing; a complete manual of ...brush and pen lettering 1922 Presenting the speed-ball pen, with alphabets - Gordon & George 1915 Principles of penmanship or, Rules for the attainment of elegant and expeditious writing - W D. Prior 1842 Public school penmanship; a handbook for teachers - Clark, A 1909 Real pen work self-instructor in penmanship - Knowles & Maxim 1881 Recueil Methodique de Principes d' Ecriture 'A methodical collection of Principles of Writing' - P Meyrat c 1920 Righthandedness and lefthandedness with chapters treating of the writing posture, the rule of the road, etc - G Gould 1908 Shakespeare's handwriting; - Thompson, 1916 Sign and show card writing - Butterworth, C 1899 Spencerian key to practical penmanship - Spencer, H 1866 Spencerian Script and Ornamental Penmanship Standard lettering - Claflin, R 1916 Straight line alphabet for lettering in the grades - Clauser, M 1916 Strong's book of designs a masterpiece of modern ornamental art - Strong, C 1917 Student's alphabets - Keuffel & Esser Co c.1907 Studies in Pen Art, W.E. Dennis Studio handbook , lettering, design and layouts, new alphabets - Welo, Samuel Sykes' Manual of Penmanship, Sykes 1885 The American sign writer; - Collins G, 1877 The arm movement method of rapid writing - Zaner, C 1904 The art of lettering and sign painter’s manual a complete and practical illustration of the art of sign writing - A. P. Boyce 1878 The art of show card writing; a modern treatise covering all branches of the art - Strong, C 1922 The Art of Writing - John Jenkins The Blue Book - L.E. Stacy 1907 The book of ornamental alphabets, ancient and modern (5th Edition) 1863 The book of ornamental alphabets, ancient and modern 1859 The elements of sosho - Piggott, F 1913 The embroiderer's book of design containing initials, emblems, cyphers, monograms, ...and modern alphabets- Delamotte, F 1891 The essentials of lettering; a manual for students and designers - French, T 1912 The etymologic cipher alphabet of one hundred and twenty letters, with a new arithmetic system - Kluh, J 1922 The hand book of mediaeval alphabets and devices - Shaw, H 1856 The handwriting movement; a study of the motor factors of excellence in penmanshi - Freeman, F 1918 The Palmer method of business writing a series of self-teaching in rapid, plain, unshaded, coarse-pen, muscular movement writing 1915 The Payson, Dunton, & Scribner manual of penmanship - Payson, J. W 1873 The penman's hand-book for penmen and students, embracing a history of writing - G Gaskell 1883 The practical show card writer - Bersick, 1905 The psychology and pedagogy of handwriting - Hamilton, D. E 1920 The Science of Practical Penmanship Or The Analysis of Taste and Freedom - Thomas P 1850 The Secret of the Skill of Madarasz The signist's book of modern alphabets, plain and ornamental, ancient and mediæval, from the 8th-12th century- Delamotte, F 1906 The teaching of handwriting - Freeman, Frank 1914 The teaching of penmanship - Houston, H 1913 The theory and practice of handwriting; a practical manual for the guidance of school boards, teachers, and students - J Jackson 1894 The theory and practice of lettering - Sherman, C 1897 Theory of Spencerian Penmanship Type specimens for layout, printing, lettering - Longyear, William Levwyn c.1940 Webb's useful penmanship - J Webb 1796 Writing & illuminating, & lettering - Johnston, E 1906 Writing and drawing made easy, amusing and instructive - W chinnery 1750 The Nature of Scanned Books You will get a copy of each of the scanned books in PDF format. The PDF will be a replica of the book in exactly the condition it was available to us - so that will necessarily mean that the book will have inevitable signs of aging. Some of the books in our collection are over 400 years old - it is not possible to maintain a book in pristine condition for that length of time. In addition any marks made by the previous owners will also be present. We do not consider that to be a flaw of the product but rather adds to its authenticity. Searchable - Each file is fully named on the disk so it is easy to search and find a particular title. In addition each book is searchable and individual sections or pages can easily be printed. Viewing - The books will require suitable PDF software to view them, almost certainly you will already have this on your computer or device - if not such software is universally available for Free download. Sizing - Page size can be adjusted to suit your needs for viewing text or images. Printing - A complete books is printable, or individual sections or just individual pages too. Images - All images can be printed out and used as you wish. About the Disk The disk is not suitable for use on a home DVD player connected tour TV or audio device. The disk contains PDF files (these are electronic books) which can be viewed on your computer. You can easily convert the PDF files to a similar format suitable for viewing on your Tablet, mobile phone, Kindle, eBook reader or other device using the totally free software called Calibre Please Note - Physical books are not included in this purchase; all books are scans of the original books in PDF digital format only. You will receive your disk in a protective sleeve - there is no box included. The cost of a box plus associated increase in postage and packaging would mean the price of the item would need to at least double and we find that our customers do not value a box but rather they value the contents of our disks . Shipping All items are shipped from the UK. We despatch within one business day of receiving the order, please note that whilst we can despatch purchases quickly we cannot control the delivery time it takes to reach you. For UK deliveries the standard service is second class post shipped in a secure cardboard CD mailer. For non-UK deliveries; the standard posting method is Airmail. Please be aware that Airmail delivery times can vary greatly even within the same country, there is not a standard time and please do not expect your item to arrive within a few days - it simply will not happen. The "Anticipated Delivery" date is given by eBay , not us, and quite frankly should be totally ignored because it is not a true reflection of the reality. There is an option to have tracked international shipping (it is an option in the postage section of the listing) - tracked delivery is far more secure, it can often be quicker but is relatively expensive; we charge just for the cost of the service plus our additional time in organising it; it is entirely optional whether you make use of that service or not. Satisfaction Guarantee We feel certain you will be delighted with your purchase. If however for any reason you have cause for concern then please contact us. We are always happy to resolve any issue to your satisfaction and offer a full no-quibble money-back guarantee. We purchase many different items ourselves on eBay and understand the need for quality customer service. Please note - before contacting us with a query that the disk is intended to be use on a computer only (with suitable PDF reader software) - it will not work on a home DVD player connected to your TV. The disk does not contain audio or video files; it is a data disk with PDFs on it DELIVERY time-scale - Note to All Non-UK Buyers In 99.9% of cases we will post your international purchase to you within one Business day but after that we have absolutely no control over the speed, efficiency or effectiveness of the particular delivery service that you have selected. So please be aware of the following: 1. Anticipated delivery is set by eBay (not us) and should be ignored. 2. There is no set time for when your Airmail item will arrive. It may be 2 weeks, it may be 4 weeks (yes items can often take that long to be delivered); but almost certainly it will not be 5 days. 3. Standard Airmail delivery WILL NOT INCLUDE TRACKING – that service is available for an extra charge. Tracking will make the delivery more secure but does not necessarily speed up the delivery time (we charge extra for tracking simply because that is what Royal Mail charge us). Please form your expectations on the basis of the points raised above – the same points apply for all sellers though they may not openly say it; but we prefer to create a realistic expectation and as a result have a harmonious relationship rather than tell you it will arrive in 4 days and then have to deal with the fallout from that when it doesn’t happen. For any queries please feel free to send us a message using the eBay message system. Condition: Brand new, Author: Various, Modified Item: No, Subject: Reference, Language: English, Sub-Subject: Calligraphy

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